jeudi, mai 03, 2007


Yesterday for my last time I swept, washed and mopped at Freestyle Tout ! I never said that before on my blog, but I was tired to do always the same thing each night ! I liked my job and people, but I'm happy to know it's done now ! That's truth, for a while I have no job, soon no appartement and I feel very good ! Six months it was just enought for me ! I'm ready to go on the way ! For our last week-end with Marc and Trevor we'll go on Byron Bay ! Just one thing before to go there ! TONIGHT, Guillaume and I, we'll see Dave Matthews band ans Xavier Rudd at Brisbane Convention Center. I'm excited, that's an amazing end to remember how Brisbane was wonderful ! Also, monday night, I have a dinner with my Freestyle's gang. Altough we'll celebrate my departure and a departure of Adrian, a kitchen guy ! I like celebration, I'm still a party person ! Tomorow we must to leave our 38/38 Robertson ! I will miss my pool, but not TAQUE TAQUE TAQUE TAQUE TAQUE ! It's the end for that as well ! Now, next destination Port Douglas we'll be there tuesday ! It's our accomodation on this picture. We have almost two weeks to visit and do some activities. That will be great ! A big adventure, just fun and release More activities Information

3 commentaires:

Caro a dit...

port Douglas... oh my god !!! ça semble être le paradis !!!!!

Anonyme a dit...

Dave Matthews Band??? ouin, tu fais des jaloux là... et port Douglas, quel paradis!

J'ai bien hâte de te revoir mais je ne peux te demander de revenir plus vite quand je vois toutes ces belles destinations à venir.

Profites-en bien pour nous tous!!!

Val M. xxx

genevieve a dit...

Tu m'ÉNARVES!!! avec tes belles photos!!!! Trop beau!!!! Je veux y'aller moi aussi à Port Douglas!!!